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Al Hussein Law Firm

Clients need lawyers only on two occasions; when they incorporate or contract, and another when they have a dispute.

For the first, we pride ourselves with the diversity of our team and the expertise therein where knowledge of the law and regulations is coupled with the knowledge of the business environment.  The managerial skills through actual management of large institutions and companies, coupled with the continuous, updated learning of the various laws and regulations is a recipe for the successful completion of a just and clear articles of incorporation or contractual agreements, thus minimizing possibilities of disputes downrange.


For the other aspect, the one of dispute, we are proude of our systematic perseverance of advocating for our clients’ rights.  In such cases, experience and knowledge of the judicial system and its intricacies play a major role where we are relentless in our fight for the rights of those entrusting us with the most positive outcome possible.


We only ask our clients to be forthcoming, transparent and honest with us, and in turn, we will move mountains to provide the most ethical, professional service paralleled to the best, advanced firms in the region and the world.